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Product Brand & Model:
Soundstream Reference 705

Condition of all items:

Total Price: :
New price - $400 shipped

Shipping Terms: :
Anywhere in the US, UPS ground or local meet up around the DFW area.

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Additional info:
So i am the original owner of this amazing amp. It's got some cosmetic blemishes but thats it. It has been tested and fixed by Wade Stewart...before he disappeared and we all know that story. It was signed and sent back to me with a performance spec sheet as tested.
As tested specs:
RMS @ 4 ohms - 50 watts x 4 (rated), 70 watts x 4 (measured) @ 12V

RMS @ 2 ohms - 100 watts x 4 (rated), 150 watts x 4 (measured) @ 14.4V

RMS @ 2 ohms - Sub amp - 300 watts x 1 (rated), 380 watts x 1(measured) @ 14.4V

RMS @ 1 ohm - Sub amp - 400 watts x 1 (rated), 452 watts x 1(measured) @ 14.4V

Frequency Response at 1 watt - 20Hz to 20kHz +/- .5dB (rated), 20Hz to 20kHz +/- .25dB (measured) @ 14.4V

SNR - >100dB (rated), -104dB (measured) @ 14.4V

I don't want to see this amp go but as with it being on the larger side and having a 2 year olds stuff in the trunk..i need the extra space. Really thinking about getting the JL HD 900/5 as a feasible replacement for good power and smaller size.

On to the amp. This amp has been powering my entire Boston Acoustics Pro Series set up for years. Running 1 ohm load for the subs and sounding amazing. For those of you that don't know this amp is capable of 1/2 ohm load for the sub channel, along with being highly underrated as you can see in the performance sheet. It is missing one screw which can be seen in the pictures. The scratches on the heat sink are just from being in 4 different vehicles of mine over the years. This unit has been babied.

It will include:

The performance sheet from Wade Stewart, 2 replacement FEB's (which can be used for any of the 6 channels FEB's) 2 RF chokes, and a complete switch replacement set for all the switches on the amp.
I am NOT in any hurry to sell this, not many people are the original owners and provide as much as i have here.

I'll even include the emails between Wade and i for your reading pleasure. ;)

**I am also PayPal verified and have 105 positive feedback on my ebay account.

More pictures coming...


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This brings back memories of my Continuum, easily one of the sweetest amps I've ever owned. GLWS, this amp can make someone very happy!
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