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Product Brand & Model:

DLS Prototype Iridium 8

Condition of all items:

Used, in good condition

Total Price: :

$200 OBO

Shipping Terms: :

Local Pickup or standard UPS Ground Rate based on location

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IMG_1603 by chrisliberti, on Flickr

IMG_1602 by chrisliberti, on Flickr

IMG_1601 by chrisliberti, on Flickr

Additional info:

This is an ultra rare set of prototype DLS Iridum 8" midbasses. They were only distributed among the DLS sponsored competitors back when Scott Buwalda was still running DLS in his Altima.

Basically it is the Iridium motor with the lighter and stiffer UR cone. This produces a less sloppy speaker that has great initial attack and decay characteristics. i used these in my 2003 Honda Civic and off of 150 watts they would kick you in the chest with good, dynamic rock music.

I bought these in new condition off of TomT (not sure he is still around this forum) who got them from Scott Buwalda.

I have only used these for a total of 6 months and they are in great condition.

I have tried selling these before and everytime I do it falls through. I have never seen another set of these. I lost when Scott Buwalda sold them, contacted TomT directly and worked out the deal for them.

From what I understand only 5-10 sets were made and I can't even get DLS to acknowledge their existence. i trust their progeny because they came indirectly from Scott Buwalda who I trust and who did have access to non off the shelf DLS items.

Only trades I am willing to consider are Scan 12M, Rainbow Cal27, JL HD600/4, HD750/1, HD1200/1, Arc 4200SE, 2300SE, 2100SE, or a low distortion sub such as JL 12w6v2, 10w6v2, JBL W12GTI mkII, FiQ, etc.


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4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

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Interesting driver. I'm toying with trying something new instead of my current Morel 8s, but not sure I want the hassle at the moment since I'm working on a couple other things and because my system sounds so good right now.

Questions - 1. Do you have original shipping box with any confirmation of DLS manufacture - or is it safe to assume Buwalda would confirm he's aware of this prototype? 2. is cone kevlar? You say its a yellow UR cone - but what is UR short for? 3. Not being a major DLS follower, do any of their other sized drivers come in yellow cone models or have similar prototypes?

Thanks in advance.

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UR- Ultimate Reference.

As far as the cone goes, its a 3 layer something.

The ultimate series came as Ultimate Iridium, Ultimate Reference and UP at that time. Cant remember what the UP is for, I can guess it's "Performance".

Iridium - non pressed paper
Reference - 3 layer honeycomb sandwich somethingy (eq. UR6S) or a mica cone.(UR6)
Performance - Poly-propylene cone

My 2005 catalog, only shows the Iridium 8 in paper cone, but I know DLS did quite a bit of custom stuff for their guys. So a couple specialty drivers for their Competition Team is easy to appreciate.

The motor has Ultimate reference printed on it and not "Iridium" as other Iridium drivers do. It could mean just the Reference cover was used or the whole motor off a UR6. For sure, this is not off the shelf.


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Guys, work this out. The best way I can describe the sound of these is punchy. They have a real great attack and release. They will play higher than the paper coned ones, but will not work well as a midrange. Be sure to give them around 150 watts and have a good midrange and they are transparent and blend well.
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