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I was going through my garage today and I found some things that I am no longer going to be using. All listed prices include PayPal fees but do not include shipping. I am also accepting offers and trades on all of this stuff. If you have any questions PM me and I wil get back to you asap. Thanks!

Audiovox AVD400A DVD Player: $80 obo
This unit is brand new, never installed but I do not have the original packaging. I picked it up in a trade some where along the line. It plays DVD videos, video CDs, MP3 files, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and CDs. It also has a front set of RCA jacks so you can hook up a game system or Ipod. Comes with remote, power plug and remote. These are selling on eBay for over $120.

(2x) 50' RCA Digital Flat Speaker Wire: $20 each obo
I have two extra packages of this RCA Digital Flat Speaker Wire. There is 50' of wire in each package. I originaly bought these at Best Buy for $35 each but ended up not needing them. I like using it because it lays flat when you're running under your carpet.

RE Audio XXX Cross Overs: $20 obo
I have a set of brand new, in the box and never installed set of RE XXX Cross Overs. I was running the XXX comp set active so I had no need for these. They are very nice looking.

Striker Audio 5" Cross Flow Fan: $12 obo
I don't remember where I picked this up but I hooked it up today to make sure it was working. This thing can really move some air and should could your amp nice and cool.

HiFonics Control Knob: $5 obo
Includes the cord. I think this came from a Brutus Series amp but I'm sure it will work with most HiFonics Amps.

Elemental Designs Control Knob: $5 obo
Includes the Cord. Came from a Nine.1 amp that I had a while back.

Rockford Fosgate Control Knob: $5 obo
Includes Cord. Came from a T10001 I had a while back.

Sunpro CP8205 StyleLine Voltmeter: $15 obo
This volt meter is BNIB and looks great. It has a chrome casing with a white face. I am using one in my car now and its very nice. The sell on eBay for over $25.

Pioneer CD-R600 Remote Control: $15 obo
I'm not sure exactly what model Pioneer decks this works with but I'm sure you can check the Pioneer website to find out. Its like new because I barely ever used it.

(4 Pairs) RE 6.5" Speaker Grills: $10 a set obo
I have four sets of brand new never installed RE 6.5" Speaker Grills.

Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 6th Edition By Vance Dickason: $25 obo
Chapters include: How loudspeakers work, Closed-box low-frequency systems,
Vented-box low-frequency systems, Passive-radiator low-frequency systems
Car audio loudspeakers and many more. Sells on eBay for over $50.

Monster Mini to Dual RCA Cable: $8 obo
Can be used to hook up an Ipod or anything else with a mini connection to RCA Jacks. I used these for a while and the sound quality is excellent.

(2x) 4 Gauge to 0 Gauge Adapters: $8 pair obo
You can use these if you want to run 0 gauge wire to your amplifiers but they only take four gauge. Just screw these into your amps power or ground input, then the 0 gauge into the adapters. Very useful.

Voodoo Warrior Series 0 Gauge Black 2+ Feet: $10 obo

Kicker Hyperflex 0 Gauge with Connector on One End 18": $12 obo

(3x) Rockford Fosgate 2 Gauge Black 5.5': $20 Each obo

Rockford Fosgate 2 Gauge Red 3': $12 obo

(5x) 0 Gauge Ring Terminals: $5 obo

One 4 Gauge In - Four 8 Gauge Out and 8ft Kicker 8 Gauge: $20 obo


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