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for sale two kicker xs100

these were built around 2000
selling for 1K

they are two channel amps that do a rated 50x2
but do 1200W+ at one ohm

there particular purpose is that of a cheater amp, specificaly in usac

pretty much garantied a win w/ any half way respectible setup competeing in the 0-300 class

anyways you will notice these are quite unique as they no longer have the crinkle paint that was prone to come off

these have been brushed down to there bair aluminum and ready for plating anodization or to be left how they are

they are class a/b so they can be used to run midbass, or an entire system passively for that matter

i have three x/o chips also
one w/ remote volume
one for subwoofer and one for midbass or full range

i have not used these beyond testing them full range (they have nice sq btw)
i just do not have the space in my trunk

asking 350 shipped
625 shipped for both

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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