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title says it all ill take $95.00 shipped for it they haven't sold these with the case in years shipping included anywhere in the 48 contiguous united states only. the serial number sticker seemed cheap so I wrote the serial number on the box for future reference. i will ship it priority 3 day mail insured. thats cheaper than parts express is selling them currently by the time you factor in tax and shipping charges this is decent. the case and usb extension cable make it nice so your laptop isnt in the car when you measure. think i paid 20 bucks for the usb cablle, its not a cheap one. I almost always ship within 2 business days of payment, provide tracking info quickly. paypal goods and services only. not trying to gold plate it, just get what i paid and only lose 15-20 bucks. new can be bought for the same, but then you pay shipping, tax, etc. i almost always go to post office and ship within hours of getting payment, item will get shipped fast im sure if the quality of these has went down in recent years like everything else that this will be better built? it was purchased when the umik-1 was still a new item. may be same quality but the added case and cable still less than parts express current retail price.

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