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- Used System 242GT ($400 shipped continental US only)

- Used MW160GT drivers, great shape ($200 shipped continental US only)

- Used System 240GT passive xovers ($100 shipped contintental US only)

Click this link for pics

I ran a set of System 240GT, and then 242GT, in my old car for a while. Ran off front end of a DLS A5.

The GT drivers bolted directly up to the OEM speaker mounts. I used some foam tape to seal them up... couple of pieces still on there in some of the pics.

The MD102 and MD100 tweeters drop into the OEM tweeter mounts in the audi I had IF you take the cup off, as Dynaudio recommends and supports. These were mounted with hi-temp silicone melt. None left on the tweeter body.

These were purchased direct from Dynaudio at the shop that I worked at a few years ago. I unpacked them. They are not clones. They play great and sound great.

System 242GT imperfections:

1) The passive xover covers are missing. In the install, had to take the covers off, and unfortunately they got lost. If going active, it is irrelevant. If a DIY guy, you may want to make your own anyway - the parts are just OK. The PCB is clearly ID'd as being for this system.

2) The original tweeter cups are missing. (They were with the passive covers.) I have replaced them with tweeter cups for MD100. There is no clear ID for the drivers without the cups. Honest *****, these are MD102, not MD100, and you can tell with test gear if you really need to know. (If they were MD100, I wold just pair them with my other System 240GT parts and sell a System 240GT - no reason for me to fib here...)

That's it. The original carton and hardware are included and the holo labels are on the drivers. If I get picture linking working with Picasa I will post pics, otherwise I will post a link.

MW160GT imperfections:

Some foam tape remnants on frame. Probably some screw head marks. That's it. Used less than 3 months running off of DLS A5.
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