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Product Brand & Model:

MSRP: $390.99

12V BCI Group 34R AGM Battery, Max Amps 3,300A, CA: 1150 Ah: 80, 2500W / 4000W

Weight Lbs. – 49.97

Length – 10.24 in
Height – 7.16 in
Width – 6.89 in

MAX Amps – 3300
CA – 1150A
RC – 160min.
Ah – 80

M6 Terminal Hardware Included

NOTE: 3400R is reverse polarity; 3400 is standard polarity

Condition of all items:

Used. I don't need this anymore since I got a new car. It has been sitting on my workbench for a while so I just took it to AutoZone to get it tested. The guys said "it's good; just needs a charge", so I brought it back home and connected it to my current car battery to give it a little juice. But I don't have my actual car charger on hand (it's at the shop with my new car) so you'll want to either charge it yourself or take it to a shop like AZ to get it put on a charger.

Total Price:

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