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FS: Vifa and Audax tweeters

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I am getting rid of some tweeters that I bought to try out and never got around to trying. Both are used but in very good condition.

Vifa D26NC05 1" Textile Dome Autosound Tweeter. These come with the optional (i.e. more $$) flush mount. Do a search of the forum and you will find that many regard these as some of the smoothest sounding bargain tweeters around. These will set you back $70 + shipping at Madisound. I am asking $50 OBO. Price includes shipping and Paypal.

Audax TM025A7 25mm dome tweeters. Made in France. Quite small because there is no flange. 1.5" diamater and 0.75" mounting depth. These would be an excellent choice if you have limited room to mount your tweeters. I'm fairly sure these are designed for autosound use because of how small they are. These go for around $70/pair new if you can find them. I am asking $50 OBO. Price includes shipping and Paypal.

I'll post pics later today. I have plenty of refs here and on ebay (snaimpally - 100% positive - over 400 transaction in the last 9 years).

Open to offers. Not really looking for trades at this time.
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Bump for great products!

I wouldn't cross the Vifa's below 3200 at 12db or even much lower at 18 or 24. They get pretty nasty if you try it IME.
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