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I'm not really sure I want to sell this, but I'm putting up my W200 and H701 for sale, along with some accessories. They won't fit in my new car and I'd rather not have them sitting around for who knows how long until I get another car with a double din.

Pics will be posted upon uninstall of items on 25 February.

IVA-W200 - You know and love it!
It is gently used and in good condition, looks and sounds great and will come with manual, harness, remote and trim ring. I think I have the cage, but I'd have to do some looking. This will come with a 25 foot toslink.
Alpine IVA-W200 In-dash DVD player with 6.5" video screen at

PXA-H701 - Another fan favorite!
I got this item used from a fellow DIYMA member although I can't recall whom. The power plug has seen some serious use and is fairly short and could probably use replacing but it works and has worked fine since I got it a couple years ago. There are some minor scratches, but it hasn't been drug behind a truck or stomped on. This will come with a long Ai-net cable.
Alpine PXA-H701 Multichannel audio processor at

CHA-1214 -12 disc CD changer
It's a couple years old but was working fine when removed from my car. It isn't certified to play CD-Rs, but it played some of mine alright. I believe I have the long Ai-net cable for this changer.
Alpine CHA-1214 12-disc Ai-NET CD Changer at

KCA-420I -
Works great but didn't see much use. I don't think it works with Touch, but seems fine with the Classic and 5th gen Ipods that I tried it with. I have the shorty Ai-net cable for this.
Alpine KCA-420i iPod control interface at

NVA-N751AS - DVD based navigation system meant for use with the older CVA-1005 displays. This was sold to me as being fully functional but I never used it as it was missing the nav dvd but otherwise seems to include all the accessories. I just found this in a box on my basement shelves and it needs to find a new home. It is probably more of a novelty now, but hopefully someone loves older Alpine.

Prices and terms of sale: I am open to offers, but don't be a low baller. All prices are plus shipping. Items will ship from CANADA so shipping charges may be higher than expected for American buyers.
I cannot/will not accept paypal, this will be a problem for some of you, but hopefully we can come to a mutual agreement.

IVA-W200 - $375
PXA-H701 - $400
CHA-1214 - $80
KCA-420I - $50
NVA-N751AS - $75

Package deal - $825 or willing to trade for an Audison Bit One plus some cash.

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