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Xtant 603x
3-channel amp
2x75 + 1x150 @ 4 ohm.
2x150 + 1x300 @ 2 ohm.
Built in hi/lo/bandpass crossovers, 12/24db selectable.
70hz, 90hz, 120 hz SIP’s included
Balanced RCA inputs.
Noise gate.
Passive rear outputs with RM12 module.
PWM-1 EQ Module
LFQ 45hz boost module

This is a pre-Mitek Xtant 603x amp. They don’t make them like this anymore! I also highly suggest you be familiar with how Xtant amps work before considering purchasing one.

Amp is is good shape considering its age. It definitely won’t win any beauty contests, but the board itself looks almost new. Most importantly, it sounds beautiful and works flawlessly. The cover is scuffed and scratched, and some of the plastic standoffs are broken off (no biggie). But it’s not missing a single screw from the cover or the terminal strips! The fan works fine. All components on the board look fine. The only thing I need to mention is a hissing sound coming from the toroid coils. It’s done this for the entire time I’ve had it so it might be normal for Xtant as there are obviously no problems with the sound or function of this amp. But if this amp will be mounted near your ear you’ll definitely be able to hear it. These amps are not internally fused, so you’ll need to fuse it with a 100A fuse.

$200 shipped/paypalled (lower 48 only). That price includes all the modules and SIP’s that I have.

Lots more pictures at Xtant 603x

I’m not really looking for trades, but may consider a high end 10” sub that works in a small box such as an ID10V3, Exile XTEC10, or JL10W3 (must be either 4 ohm or dual 2 ohm). Email me directly at [email protected] with any questions!
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