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FS: Zapco ck 16.2 - Competition components

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For sale is the zapco ck 16.2 component set.

Reference series>CK-16.2

They are used. I used the tweets for a year. Purchased them from atsaubrey. I just purchased the new upgraded mids directly from a zapco guy a few months ago. So the mids are very lightly used. I never used the passive crossovers but theyre tested to work.

Pics show it best so:

One of the crossover has a crack in the plexi on one side.

But you cant see it upfront.

Other things to be mentioned is a tad bit of silicone reside you can remove on one of the tweeters and signs of being mounted on the woofer. Very minor stuff but I like to be detailed as possible about what I am selling to avoid issues.

Im asking $425+shipping or 450 shipped anywhere in US.

Lots of references
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Damn nice, and great price!!! Good Luck BUMP!
Thanks man

I am getting offers for the woofers but dont want to split up unless I can also sell the tweets.

If anyone is interested in the tweets, shoot me a PM and offer.
Ugh... just dropped money on some Neo3s... sorry dude and GLWS
Someone is gonna love them babies.
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