1. Zapco DC1100.1 $275.00. Pretty much brand new. I built an amp rack and had everything bolted to it only to realize that it was just a little too big for my install. Pretty much brand new, with symbilink.
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2. Zapco DC1000.4. This one I bought used. It has a few marks, but otherwise I ran into the same issue as above, just too big for my install. I don't have a box or symbilink cables. I do have some RCA adapters that will be included. $275
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3. Helix GFOUR amplifier. Used for a couple of months. Great shape, just a few marks around the screw holes. $225
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4. Helix GTWO amplifier. Same as above. $225
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Audiofrog G60s Comps. Installed and never powered up. Small install for the wife turned into 3way AF GB system. I have a problem as you can tell. $275
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MiniDSP CDSP6x8. Used for a few month and upgraded to a CDSP8x12DL $225
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