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I need a little more flexibility in a 4 channel amp so am putting this up for trade. I am looking for a 4 channel amp for SQ in the range of ~75 WPC at 4 ohms, and it has to be black in color and in very good/excellent condition. Something along the lines of Alpine MRP-F550, Crossfire XP600-4, etc.

Specs on the PX600.2 (all power ratings at 14.4v):
180x2 @ 4
290x2 @ 2
580x1 @ 4
Selectable 12/24dB xover ranging from 32 to 320Hz
Switchable mono/stereo input, and pass-thru output
This amp accomodates a neon kit, which I did not buy.
Measurements are 2-9/16x17x12-1/4 (allow a couple extra inches beyond 17 for RCA and power/ground cable hookups)

The amp is cosmetically in very good to excellent condition (no major cosmetic flaws on the top/sides of the amp) and I just bench tested it. It is working fine, although movement of the 12/24dB crossover switch is a bit fussy.

For more info on this amp:
JBL Car & Marine Audio

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