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1) Zaph Audio built , designed, upgraded crossover components, SR71 bookshelf speakers.. title says it all, still have these sitting in my room (ive gone magnepan crazy so I no longer need these lol)

anyway they are MINT, will come double boxed, insured etc etc

more info here

Zaph|Audio - ZA-SR71

475-500 shipped depending on location, if you are local 425 cash, grilles included, dual binding posts also included on the rear obviously, allows for single amp usage or bi-amping if desired

2) I still have the rack amp Dayton HPSA1000-R, MINTY lowered price 275 shipped, local 250 cash


a) I REALLY need a nice HT receiver with 3 switching hdmi connects , like a onkyo sr606 , or sony dg820 or dg920
b) logitech harmony one remote
c) western digital HD TV module
d) ati 4870 1gn video car,
e) 400 or so laptop ONLY with at least a x4500 intel video card, or geforce9400 mobile, I need it to be able to play blue rays
f) magnepan MMG's would be great too..longshot I know
g) two 500w plate amps
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