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Selling off my full system. Prices include shipping for the lower 48.

Whats for sale:
Focal utopia TBe tweeters: $600. These are from the utopia no7 kit. Lightly used. The original mounting brackets are fiberglass into my A pillars. I can do my best to get them out but may require you to sand the body filler/ fiberglass off and paint them. I’m also including a pair of unused 3d printed pods.

Focal utopia M 3.5mw midrangs: $775 Bought these last month from a member on here. Come in original boxes with mounting screws and grills.

AD 800neo pair: $575 Bought new from dealer on here. Not even broken in yet.

Mosconi AS200.4: $850 Bought locally. Has some fading in the paint which is typical for these amps. Previous owner put two strips of Velcro on the back. Will be shipped in original box.

Brax NOX4: $1100 My favorite amp of all time. In excellent condition. Hardly a mark on it. Crate is in rough shape but it will be shipped in it.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts