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So I have been inactive here (or any of the other forums) for a while. Over the years, this has been one of my favorite hobbies, but I am lately without much free time or spare money to have locked up in audio gear. I sold my 4runner earlier this year and have been holding on to everything in case I can ever put it in something new. I hate to do it, but I wrecked my new car in a winter storm last week and need to raise money. It has been fun, but I am out (at least for now)...

Product Brand & Model:
1) Alpine CDA 8997 - $250
2) Elemental Designs ed nine.4 - $250
3) Arc Audio MX-3 - $125
4) Massive Audio ck-6 component set - $200
5) DLS UR 36s component set - $250
6) Diamond audio hex series 6.5 mids, 5.25 mids, and 1 pair of passive crossovers (honeycomb cones, not eton version) - $250
7) Solo Baric l7 8 (square, dual 2) - $100
8) 2 Image Dynamics idv3 12s (both dual 4s) - $150 each
9) Arc Audio Flatline 12 (d2) - $250

Condition of all items:
All items are used.

1) The head unit is basically mint, there is a small scratch on a corner of the screen (so faint, I can't really pick it up with my camera). I would not notice it unless I was really trying to find something.
2) The amp is in decent shape, there is a scratch/indentation (maybe 1/2" long) on the sliver part on the top of the amp. It was mounted on the back of a box that touched a seat and it rubbed on one of the brackets for child seats, I think. There are also a few small scratches on the top of the amp.
3) The arc crossover is in great shape. There are a few small scratches on it. I got it in trade a few years back and have never installed in myself.
4, 7, 8) The massives, solo baric, and idv3s are in excellent condition. The massives have about 2 months of playtime on them. I got them in trade 2 years ago. I absolutely loved them. The solo baric has barely been used. I occasionally threw it in my 4 runner when I was between boxes. It has been sitting unused for the last 8 years, probably. The idv3s were installed for about a year. They were never pushed.
5) These have also been collecting dust for over a year. I misplaced the tweeters somehow so the set is crossovers, midwoofers, midranges. These are great speakers. There is some rust around one of the baskets on a woofer.
6) The hex 5.25s are in good shape, there is sound deadener around the edges and the bottoms of the magnets are a bit scratched up. The hex 6.5s are in ok-poor condition. The cones have been painted black, one of the dustcaps has been replaced, and the bottoms are a bit scratched up. The crossovers are fine, but have some sound deadening on them.
9) The flatline is in excellent condition--the sticker on the bottom of the magnet has been removed and there is a crack in the plastic at one of the screw holes which is visible from the picture. The cone and surround are both fine. The sub was used briefly but has been sitting in my room collecting dust for over 4 years.

Total Price: :
I would love to sell everything to one person. If you have an offer for multiple items please e mail me. Prices are OBO.

Shipping Terms: :
actual shipping, local pickup is fine by me as well

Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling.

I will get pics up asap. I need to figure out photobucket.

Additional info:

I have bought and sold plenty over the years here. I also have perfect ebay feedback. If you need golf clubs, I also have a set of forged titleist cavity backs I am trying to sell.

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Is the price for the NINe.4 a typo? I only ask because "List Price" (eD always sold for well under list) was less than what you are selling for used.

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PMs responded to. I currently live in New York, but I will be in Dallas (preston hollow area) this weekend. Local pickups are welcome! My stuff is split between NYC and Dallas.

As for the ed amp (and many other things I have), I was sort of taking a guess at a fair price. I am very open to offers. I do not really know how available these are or what they have been selling for. Please feel free to pm me.

Not that it matters, but I typed this up in February and was kind of hoping not to actually go through with selling everything. The winter storm "last week" was actually few months back.
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