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I worked on a fun project with my 11 year old Son yesterday, and I figured I’d share as it’s audio related.

Here’s the kit we put together:

And a YouTube video of what it is:

The Bluetooth speaker is related to a video game that my son likes to play, Fallout 4/ Fallout 76.

I liked the project on a few different levels:
-The kit needs to be assembled - good for a younger kid to think through.
  • It involves a freestanding speaker in ported / bazooka type enclosure.
  • We drove to gamestop and bought it = quality time.
Basically the project ended up being an intersection between both of our interests (my sons video games, and sound systems/ speakers for me). And, at the end of it all, he has a neat Bluetooth speaker to play music to.

I’d definitely recommend this fun little project to others with kids of a similar age and similar interests. :)
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