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Fusion NV 6.5 comps help

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I have a pair of Fusion NV 6.5 Comps (2ohm, 80RMS) wired to a 'blankpukt' amp putting 90w at 2ohm.

Supposedly Fusion NV should be the best fusion range but the sound quality isnt as good as the fusion encounter 6.5 comps i had previously! Any ideas why ?

The encounters were being powered by my Alpline iDA-X100 and not the amp. I then upgraded the speakers and later installed the amp. TBH, there is an improvment since i installed the amp but not much! How can i fix this ?

This is my first thread on here so apologise if a similar thing has been discussed but i have searched (i think)!
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Need way more info. "SQ isn't as good", doesn't mean much. In what way, tonality, bass response, high frequency detail, mid range detail...?
Sorry, the normal volume high's to mids are fine!

The mids > lows are where im not happy! The first thing you notice at low volumes is the complete lack of bass. As you turn the volume up, the bass doesnt really increase and distortion very quickly kicks in.
It also seems to be fickle in the succsefulness of the bass reproduction. Listening to certain songs, some of the lower notes come out very well, others dont!

So to reply to 89grands question, the bass response is not good.
Subwoofers FTW!

No 6.5 component set has enough bass to satisfy any of us here that I know of.
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