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I have sitting in my room an older Elemental Designs e15kd4, an Adire Audio Koda 6 midbass/midrange, and a complimenting crossover for the Koda.

I'm gauging interest to see if anyone would want any of these things, for sale or for trade.

The e15kd4 was in my car two summers ago for a total of about a month, when I was waiting for my e15a to arrive. It received 600 watts RMS and was never abused. Last year it went into a ~8 cf enclosure with again around 600 watts RMS in a home theater setup. It rocked, but again, was never abused. There are a couple scuffs on the surround, but overall it's in awesome shape.

The Koda 6 and crossover are the last remenants of my Koda component set. I have no idea where the tweeters, other Koda, and other crossover are. The Koda is in good shape, though it's a little bit dirty (I can clean it) and in a couple spots the surround is a little bit detached. It has been that way for the entire time I was using them, the surrounds are NOT in danger of becoming detached!

The crossover is in great cosmetic and working shape, it's just missing all of the screws for the terminals, for some reason.
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