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I have done a forum search prior to posting and did not see any recent results relating to my question.

Due to a new job and significant commute, I have both fortunately and unfortunately found myself in a 2013 Prius, a downgrade from my truck with a system that I loved. I am currently gathering the last few things to put the system from my truck into the Prius.

My main concern is whether my equipment will work the 12v system on the Prius too hard. I know precious little about electricity and am a bit confused by the googling and reading I have done. Crutchfield threw up a warning when I bought the HU saying it doesn't recommend anything over 30amp draw.

Here is what I have so far.

Sony Xav-ax5500 (currently on sale on crutchfield)
Alpine RS65c.2 fronts (stock rears for now)
Dd audio d4.60 4 channel amp
Sundown ev3 12 sub
Alpine SA60m 600w mono sub amp
Dd audio dsi2 signal processor.

I had all of this equipment in the truck other than the head unit and really enjoyed the sound.

My other question is, is there a service that will draw up a schematic of how to wire all this up? I have a basic working knowledge of what amps require what guage wire, and I am more than capable of pulling the car apart to make a clean install, I am confused by remote turn ons, and a few other things. It would be nice to have a schematic to follow so I can just get in an knock it out.

The shop I went to quotes me well over double the install price from 3 years ago and if I can install it myself while I do some sound treatment, I would like to and then just pay to have it tuned.

All help is appreciated.


Sounds like it'll be a nice system and I think you'll be fine with the power draw. I'd be surprised if the system exceeded 20 amps of current draw at any given time. From experience with a similar system (but not in a Prius) it will probably hover around 12-15 amps even when playing loudly.

Some head units have a setting in the menu to turn off the internal amplifier if you will only be using the RCA preouts, so check that and turn it off if possible (download the manual for the Sony).

The Remote Turn-On is fairly straight forward. You would set the "TURN-ON" switch on your DD DSI-2 processor to the "REM" setting (to the left).

Route the REM OUT turn-on lead from the Head Unit to the REM IN wire on the DD processor's harness. Then route the REM OUT from the processor's harness to both of your amplifiers. You can daisy-chain the remote turn-on wire from one amp to the other with no issues. You typically would use and don't need anything larger than a 16-ga Blue wire for Remote Turn-On purposes.

It's a new Prius, but you might check out @doitor build log here for ideas.

Check the build log above for system wiring examples and ideas.

For your relatively low power system, I would use a single 4 gauge OFC (+) power wire from the 12v battery to a small Fused Distribution Block that has at least 3 configurable outputs: One for each Amplifier and One for your DSP. Run the required Gauge of OFC (+) power wire to each amp and the DSP.

Use a small non-fused Distribution Block to Run the appropriate Gauge (-) Ground wires to each Amp and to the DSP, and a 4 gauge Ground wire from the Distro Block directly to the 12v battery if possible, or to a good Factory Ground Point.

Crutchfiled should supply the correct Wiring Harness with your Sony head unit purchase to allow you to tap into all of the OEM speaker wires, but you may need to run your own wiring if you running the Alpine components active from the DSP without the Alpine passive crossovers.
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