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I'm shooting a little ahead of my install, but i have a very good idea with what i'm doing with the tweeter i have. But not going 3way up front yet, but still the thought arises to me, as i've heard a ton of awesome stuff about the Aura NS3, And i was wondering what type of mounting locations and all people have used for them, since they are only 3" what would be the best place to put them (on top of dash, low in a-pillar, etc), as i had thought about the possibility of putting them up as high as i could, to keep everything ear level, and letting them easily run down to 300hz, and up to meet the tweet whereever. But is it really usefull to put the driver up that high, or would it be better to mount it in the kicks.

This is all just thoughts, along way from doing a 3way up front but still the thought arises.

Anyone have any pictures of installs done with the NS3, and what type of mounting locations/directions they have.

This looks like a very capible driver in a very small package, only thing that lacks is the 80db sensitivity.

Just alot of intrest in the capabilities of this driver, how to adaquetly use it, and really anything else that would be of use that i could consider.....btw it looks pretty cool as well.

This tends to be a really vague question as well because i can't exactly get into words what i'm asking lol.

Thanks neway.
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