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Product Brand & Model:

I have a Genesis Series 3 Miniblock amplifier for sale, it's in perfect working order and it's in OK condition (scratches as the picture shows). The amp comes with printed instructions (not in pictures but I do have them).

Its a lovely class AB Monoblock amp so its sounds very good and is fairly compact as the pictures show.


•Power Source [Volts] – 10.8 ~ 14.4
•Number of Channels – 1
•Rated Power @ 14.4 [4 Ohm] – 1 x 125
•Watts RMS @ 0.1% - Rated [2 Ohm] – 1 x 250
•All Channels Driven - Rated [Bridge 4 Ohm] – [1 Ohm Mono] 1 x 500
•Typical Power @ 14.4v [4 Ohm] – 1 x 270
•Watts RMS @ 0.1% - Typical [2 Ohm] – 1 x 440
•All Channels Driven - Typical [Bridge 4 Ohm] – [1 Ohm Mono] 1 x 640
•Maximum Current Draw – 80 Amps
•Signal to Noise Ratio 'A' Wtd [4 Ohm] – > 110 dB
•THD + Noise @ Rated Output – 0.1%
•Input Sensitivity [Volts RMS] – 0.3 ~ 5
•Frequency Response – 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
•Dimensions H x W x D [mm] – 63 x 300 x 210
•Weight [Kg] – 2.5

•Independent level controls – For perfect channel balance
•Thermal bias tracking – Eliminates distortion
•Simultaneous crossovers – For complete system flexibility
•Bespoke terminals – Our own design optimizes signal flow
•Burr Brown Preamp – For outstanding sound quality
•Custom capable design – Create your own unique amplifier
•DC Sub level control – Eliminates noise pickup

Condition of all items:

In full working order

Total Price: :

As I sell internationally my selling prices slightly varies (due to shipping costs) I am based in London, England (United Kingdom), prices below;

$395 USD shipped to USA
$440 CAN shipped to Canada
€305 EUR shipped to Europe
£210 shipped to United Kingdom

and anywhere else just pm me for a delivery quote and I'll look it up for you

of course collection is an option if your in the United Kingdom and then you can save postage costs.

NOTE: Its £245 GBP I'm after, that's what the shipped prices I quoted amount to in my currency (GBP).

Shipping Terms: :

Worldwide tracking shipping, tracked and insured (within 3-5 days)

I usually ship internationally as many on here can vouch for me and never have any problems, and I've shipped to everywhere

Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling.

Additional info:

pm me if you have any other questions etc etc or just reply on the thread or email me on [email protected]


Please be advised, all buyers and sellers are responsible for performing their own due diligence when considering any financial engagement. We recomend that you:

1) Check the iTrader feedback of the person you are dealing with on this site, as well as other car audio forums.
2) Ask for a name address and phone number. Call them and verify their info.
3) Valid e-mail address. Correspond before committing.
4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with the other party.

DIYMobileAudio & Collova Media Inc. is not responsible for the outcome of any transaction on this site and will not moderate on your behalf.
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