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Do you work in the financial sector? Are you looking for a better way to deal with the problems that this sector regularly faces? Well, then you are in the right place because in this post we are going to talk about how online identity verification solutions can help you stay safe. Indeed, financial institutions are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world but there is this one thing that has become a matter of concern for several financial institutes and i.e. the increased financial crime rate. Talking about financial crime, money laundering is one of the major threats and the sad thing is that this criminal activity has increased tremendously in the past few years.

Besides money laundering, there are many other types of crimes that take place in the financial world. That’s why it has become very important for the financial institutes to use KYC/AML verification software so that they can protect themselves from increased criminal activities. But the question is how are you going to find the best company that offers the most amazing KYC/AML verification software? Well, you can either take the help of the Internet and find the right company or you can simply get in touch with BASIS ID.

It is a trusted company that was started in 2017 with an aim to offer excellent KYC software solutions so that the financial institutions can stay safe. From the time BASIS ID was started, it has already verified more than 1.500.000 users till now. Isn’t it amazing? And that is not all. There is something more about this company that you are going to like. You will be amazed to know that that BASIS ID is the winner of Slush & Finnovasia and is also Mastercard’s partner.

If you think that you need a better way to deal with the increased threats, you can always rely on BASIS ID as this company prevents you from losing your customer. Still thinking about whether taking an identity verification service from this leading company is a good idea or not? Well, it is. Why? Because BASIS ID completes the identification within minutes.

Also, the professionals at this company always work hard so that they can offer you better services at the best prices. Not just this but the customer care service of BASIS ID is also always there to help you. So, stop using the outdated KYC/AML solutions and change your business with advanced technology.

For more details, visit BASIS ID - KYC that increases the conversion rate
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