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Hi All,

I have read a lot of info here and over at DA about system upgrades for my 2009 Accord sedan w/ premium audio setup (Sub, but no Nav) ... and I really appreciate all the information folks have posted for new members like me :)

I need to do this project in stages and would like to begin with installing a JBL MS-8 processor and hook it (initially) to the stock HU & speakers using the internal amps built into the JBL unit. I also plan on finding the front passive crossovers and eliminating them, then using separate channels in the MS-8 to do the work of powering & controling them. Hopefully there are gains to be had in EQ & TA by separating the mids & tweets this way (if not please tell me). I'll use the other channels to power stock rears & sub ... I do not even plan to open up the doors at all in this first stage, just run new wire to the old crossovers and cut / tap there

My question is this ... is there any real sound quality differences between grabbing the HU signals before the factory amp or grabbing it afterward? The reason I ask is I'm quite confused about HOW/WHERE to grab the signal before the stock amp but it seems more straight forward getting it after the amp from wires going to the factory crossovers.

In addition to sound quality differences I'm also ignorant about keeping all the controls in tack ... I'd like all of the stock steering wheel controls to function ... but I can save that for a different thread (or later on in this one)

Once the beginning stage is completed and the processor is installed correctly, I can do door prep, speaker & amp upgrades etc etc as future stages and continue to build off of the MS-8 capabilities.

Please do not hesitate to comment on problems you see in my overall approach ... I can use all the help you can offer ... but I cannot do all the work, not to mention spend all the $$$ at one time.

Thanks in advance,

Michael in MD
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