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I just wanted to start off by saying I believe I have fallen off of the deep end with buying equipment. I also want to apologize in advance for the long, spastic, post....

I already have: 2 10" JL Audio 10w3v2 subs, a Rockford Fosgate Punch 5002, and a Kicker Solobaric L5 in the Stillwater Designs ported enclosure.

By weeks end I should have the following:
1 Memphis 16-PR1.5KD
1 RF Power 351S
1 Orion 250 SX
and the Hot Deal Circuit City Dual 10" enclosure that I found because of this site (Thanks for the deal DIY)

By next week I should have 2 Old School Punch 150s (or two 25 to life Punch 150s.. long story, someone owes me a lot of money!) in my possession. Also, I am going to go to my grandmother's house to see if I can find where in the hell I put my two coustic electronic crossovers. On another note, if I ever find out which family member stole my Linear Power 5002 and my HiFonics Thor from my Grandmother's house, there is a beating to be thrown! I guess that is what I get for leaving stuff stored at her house because I used to be gone for weeks at a time.....

Now to my question... What setup should I use in my 1997 Civic? I have an Alpine CDA-9885 with the Ipod connector and some Alpine SPS-600 speakers in the front doors. At first I was thinking about using the Orion 250 SX for my front stage and the Memphis amp with the Solobaric.... Then I got to thinking I may want to stick with a straight up old school install and use the Orion up front and the 10" JL Audios with one of the Punch 150s. If I get the 25 to Life series, that kind of takes away from the old school aspect, but I will at least have it old school in name.
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