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Going to try Active - which raw driver for 2-way?

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I've been running passive for a long long time. I've even had my Alpine H660 processor for over two yrs, and still stayed passive. Now I have the amplification I need and processor, and want to try active.

Drivers need to go into stock door location: ~145mm (5.71") cutout, and 75mm depth (2.95") I may be able to bump the mounting depth out 0.25" - 0.5" toward the door card, but not sure about that yet. I will have a rated 120 watts @ 4 ohm RMS from the amp. Door is well sealed, but its gotta stay IB (no enclosures).

My tweeters are rated down to 2.5khz. Processor is Alpine imprint H660. It can do 2-way active. Stock HU. Sub (a single 10" sealed in the trunk of a sedan) will be crossed in the 80 neighborhood.

Budget is relatively open, but I would rather spend below ~$200-250 for the set if it gets me a superior driver.

I like all sorts of music, but lately classic rock, some electronic/dance music with sexy female vocals, down-beat stuff, and on occasion when I'm reminiscing my youth - I'll put on some 2Pac or biggie. So, strong midbass and midrange (i know, i know...want it all).

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You aren't going to have much luck if you expect this forum to research all of the drivers that will meet your dimensions, that's just too tedious of a task to ask others to do. I suggest you find 5-6 drivers that meet your needs, then come back and ask for opinions on those drivers.
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