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I think I was Googling "Neodymium Woofer" when I came across this site and then this driver. I had seen some cheapo drivers on ebay before from this company, a while ago, but back then they didn't have much of a website.
They seem to have expanded their line and I now realize that they are probably the company that made my Illusion Audio mid basses, which I like quite a bit.
This is the driver that really caught my eye:
Would be nice if they were available somewhere in NA - cheaply of course :) .




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The new tweet yes, but the first tweet i don't think so. I think the first Koda tweet was like a bullet or something wasn't it? Mabey thinking of another tweeter but i don't think peerless of DST made it, well the first one, but the 2nd one yea.
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