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I have an 04 Grand Cherokee and I've been playing around with the audio for a while, but I'm not quite sure what will sound best.

My System:
  • 3 way Alpine 6x9's in front doors
  • Stock rear door speakers
  • 4-way Jensen 760 peak running the four door speakers
  • Two 12" Kicker L5's in a sealed box wired at 2 ohms
  • 500w RMS Alpine amp
  • 4 gauge wiring from battery to a single in three 8 gauge out distribution block with 8 gauge leading to each amp
I would like to build a ported box, but I don't think the drivers are supported by winisd and I'm unsure what to tune them too. Also, how would It sound if I built separate boxes into the main sub box and put four or so 6x9's pointing up in it with the subs angled toward the back glass. I want my system to get even louder while retaining a high level of sound quality. My system hits hard through out the spectrum but I know I can get more from it. Any advice on my system please tell me. Thanks guys and I'm very open to suggestions.
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