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2020 Toyota Camry XSE
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Hi All,
Glad to find this forum group, I am Al from South Central Mississippi and I been a Audiophile since getting in the Marching Band in the Mid Eighties. I have competed in IASCA, SLAP, and many others SQ organizations since 1992. I have Won some and Always Placed in the Top 3 of my Build Class. Avid SQ enthusiast and just starting to build my new 2020 Toyota Camry XSE non JBL System. Been a While since my last build(2006 Roush F150 Stage 1 MB Quart, Marantz, Memphis Audio and Audio Control) and a couple of Wars to change my physical flexibility. So Here for advice and Ideas on the new gear in the hobby. Looking forward to hearing and seeing you alls Builds and setups.
Semper Fi and Can Do,
Al Mac
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