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My first post here, thanks for having me. I decided to join as whenever I've had a question, this forum popped up and the info was very useful. I'm embarking upon building what for me is a dream system. Here is what I have figured out so far:

HU: Pioneer DEH-80PRS. I had wanted the DEX-P99RS, but can't justify the high cost when most of what I want is in the 80PRS.
I still haven't purchased it yet.

Amps: I have 3 Zed built Planet Audio hybrids. The HVT752([email protected]), HVT754([email protected]/[email protected]), HVT7100([email protected]/[email protected])

The plan is to use the HVT752 for the tweeters, the HVT754 bridged 2 channel for the mids, and the HVT7100 bridged mono for the sub.
I don't know if I'll be able to run the system active or not. Maybe someone here can help me out with suggestions.

I just purchased the speakers today. I finally settled on Morel Hybrid 602 components and Morel Primo 124 12'' subwoofer.

Wiring: I haven't yet started looking at wiring components, fuse blocks, battery terminals, etc. Maybe someone here can help me out with suggestions

I'll be running an Optima yellow top battery.

Capacitor: I don't know if I need a capacitor. I've never used one in the past. Maybe someone here can help me out with suggestions.

Okay, so the car I'm going to be installing the equipment in is a 1999 Opel Tigra. I have 2 of these. They're tiny and fun to drive and fairly easy to work on.

I plan on removing the rear seat for the installation and using that space. (The amps will be painted the same color yellow as the car.) I only need room for 2 passengers anyway. I don't want to make it impossible to get the spare tire out. The sub will be firing towards the rear of the car.

I posted a couple pics of the silver Tigra which is mostly finished. The yellow one is really rough, needing a complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration.

Thanks for reading.

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