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Since I haven't been following any threads describing your build, I'm not clear on of what your system consists - or what your last suggestion actually means :)

I hear a lot of talk about ground loop "filters". No such thing. There are ground loop isolators and they can do a decent job, and many amps have a good degree of isolation onboard. (It should be noted that most autosound ground-loop isolators have souch a lousy frequency response that if you hooked one up to an RTA, you would throw it in the river.)

An iPod on a charger in a car often is a noise source. Usually that is a ground loop - but it can also be a charger without power filtering! Cig lighter sockets are famous for having LOUSY grounds, btw.

So I don't know if our iPod is the preamp (driving the amp directly) or is connected to a HU or what, but I would improve the cig lighter ground first, and I MIGHT put a powerline filter in series with the cig lighter power wire (nned a high-amperage one if it ever gets used for a real lighter : )

If the iPod is the preamp, how high is the JL gain? Remember, all systems have noise, it's just inaudible in the good systems :)

If the iPod is connected to the HU, I guess I would take the cig lighter ground and re-route it to the HU ground (the HU ground in my installs would have already been run to the amp ground).

BTW, if I recall correctly, the iPod preamp out can't really drive a Jensen Iso-Link well (best ground-look isolator on the market). Markertek also has a cheaper one that tests pretty well. (Rolls?)
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