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badlieu said:
Hey guys. I have a Ground Zero Engineering 10" Radioactive sub from their American days. Recently I bought a 12" Ground Zero passive radiator that I intend to pair up with the Radioactive.

My problem arises when I have no information on the Passive Radiator. These are not made by the now German owned Ground Zero and they do not have any information on them.

I know that passive radiators are finnicky in general and could really use the specs to properly design a new enclosure. I take it I would need to know the following - XMAX, Fs, Sd, Qms and Vas. Anyone have any info or advice on obtaining these numbers. Apparently they never included the passive radiator in any of their brochures but the specs have to be out there somewhere. Thanks in advance!
i looked for info on those about a year ago....

found absolutely i didn't buy it :)
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