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GROUP BUY: Pioneer DEH-P01 (DEX-P99RS)

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Greetings all:

I am proposing a Group Buy of the brand new Pioneer DEH-P01 (also known as the Pioneer DEX-P99RS). I have a qualified, credible source for these decks, and you will be buying them through me with full faith and confidence. I was responsible for seeding many of the Denon DCT-1's and DCT-Z1's in this country, and will now do it again to bring the DEH-P01 into America (and anywhere else if there's an interest). Jorge's DEH-P01 came from me.

Here are two recent threads where this deck was discussed:

The price shipped for a complete, new-in-box DEH-P01 (DEX-P99RS) will be $1,200 shipped within the Continental USA. To Canada, we'll need to add a tad bit more, perhaps $30.00 CDN. I will also ship to OZ, NZ, etc. on a case-by-case basis, with actual paid shipping.

To make this go, I need ten people, or more, at $1,200 USD CONUSA each (more outside of the USA; e-mail me for a price at [email protected]).

The way it will work is you will pay me the $1,200 USD up front, and we will order all of the units together at one time at the close of the Group Buy. The close of the Group Buy is Sunday October 18 at 12:00 Midnight EST.

The only way I can offer these units at $1,200/each is by combining shipping from SE Asia in a bulk container, and by having ten or more people. The $1,200 USD needs to be a NET PAYMENT, which means sending me a check or money order in the mail, or sending PayPal payment with an additional 3.65% to cover their charges. I must see a net of $1,200 USD <---this is very important.

This is an all-inclusive price, which includes purchase of the deck, shipping from Asia to me in a bulk container, and insured shipping from me to you. It also includes all import tariffs landed in the USA. All products will be shipped to the customer by October 31, or earlier.

Do a search for the owner's manual on this site for more information about this deck.

And on a personal note, I tuned on one of these decks over the weekend while in the UK, and it is fantastic. Everything the DEX-P9 and DEQ-P9 was, and more, in one unit.

Starting the next post below, please state your interest to join the Group Buy, and tell me how I will expect payment, and when payment will be tendered. PayPal address is [email protected], and the snail-mail address for check and money order payments is Scott Buwalda, 6775 Payton Road, Cumming GA 30041 USA. Make the check payable to "Scott Buwalda." Please also e-mail me privately with your shipping address, contact phone number, desired e-mail address for updates, and any other pertinent details. That e-mail address is [email protected].

If we fail to meet the ten person minimum, I will still honor the Group Buy, and will absorb any expenses I might incur for not ordering the ten set minimum. I also back this Group Buy up with my tenure in this industry and thousands of potential references. Order with confidence.

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Six paying buyers now. Order will be placed next Monday.

It's frankly shocking to me...a month ago I counted 20 people that were willing to pay "about $1,000" for this deck. $1,200 is real daggum close. And we only have six paying thus far?

I think the price is fair but it's kind of a short deadline for me. If this was last year, I'd say no problem, as I had more disposable income. I also have other things going on. I already had a trip planned to Dallas to watch the Cowboys play the Falcons on the 25th.

I'm still working on funding.

I didn't want to say, "You can put me on the list" because I don't get paid again until the 23rd (after the deadline) and I still won't know anything definite until this friday.

So you may have one more, I'll email you Friday when I know for sure.
I hope I'm counted as one of the payers...That money was sent out two days ago...

I think I'm okay with being in this select group of peeps. Gooooo Scott!
But mine will still be the first ever in the country.:D
Amazing all in one and amazing seller.

I'll take that title, as yours is technically in Mexico. :p Although it made it there by way of Georgia. :D I figure with yours in Mexico, mine in the U.S., and AVIDEDTR in Canada (eh), we've got North America covered! I look forward to a few more guys enjoying this headunit as much as I have so far.
u guys are gonna spend over a GRAND on a head unit ??
Does it seem steep to you?

It's both a headunit and a processor really.
I have an RRP $2,800.00 head unit in my car, and all it does is spins CD's...doesn't have a built-in processor. So yeah, we are talking about spending a GRAND on a head unit. If you don't have anything worthwhile to say, go troll elsewhere.

Friday night bump. Unless I hear from anyone else between now and Monday AM, I am ordering six of these units. I envision six very happy people in about 10 days to 2 weeks.
I just want to say thanks Scott for making this group buy a reality. I know I didn't buy one but it is only because I can't afford it right now wedding is in 3 weeks and the honeymoon will be expensive.

Nonetheless, thanks for taking this on I know organizing these things can be a headache it is really nice of you to do so.
u guys are gonna spend over a GRAND on a head unit ??
What planet are you from man? While 75% of car audio enthusist will not spend that kind of cash for a head unit, that other small percentage will. Rather it is a audiophile based 4-way deck or a DVD deck, a NAV unit, or and old school CD tuner or tape deck transport.... $1000 decks have been around since the late 80's early 90's.

I know you might be younger but you have never seen anyone with a OEM or aftermarket NAV or DVD system in their cars? Most OEM's charge about $1500-$3000 for a DVD or NAV option....or the same amount for an so called audiophile system. OTOH, aftermarket decks of all sorts can be had for under $1K but the better decks are more than that and just a few years ago ther average price for a DVD deck was well over $1K.

So, I guess I don't get your shock and awe over a $1K deck? Look at the crazy ass retail pricing of the CDT Audio speakers that you have and their lines in general:

ES-0742i 3-way list for $1799.99! And you are tipping over a $1K deck? Come on man, its 2009 get with the program...there is gear out there in ALL price ranges. Chose the one that fits your budget....all will get the job done...remember, It's all about the music FIRST.

Sorry guys, but these are the type of posts that make me shake my head...go on with your group buy.

...and illnastyimpreza...don't ever set foot in a upscale home audio will Sh_T your pants! They have $1K cable in those places....we are not even talking about electronics yet.....
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My friend gave me a wtf on a $500 alpine 7909j deck
Six paying buyers now. Order will be placed next Monday.

It's frankly shocking to me...a month ago I counted 20 people that were willing to pay "about $1,000" for this deck. $1,200 is real daggum close. And we only have six paying thus far?

I agree that this is pretty hard to believe. Even among car audio enthusiasts, less than 10 are sold. I guess it's no wonder Pioneer has no intention of bringing this unit to the US.

This unit has basically everything you could possibly want in a head unit for sound quality. And when you throw in awesome iPod integration while bypassing the iPod dac, along with playing WAV through USB, there is no alternative for what it does. You always hear about people wanting another option besides the discontinued 9255, and when one is created, no one buys it! The 9255, by the way, retailed for $1,400!

I just want to say thank you to Scott who went out of his way to do something really cool for the community without getting anything in return.
We are up to eight now, with seven paying. The eighth I am accomodating with a hand-shake agreement and a post-dated check. It's not too late peoples. The electronic transfer to Japan goes over in sixteen hours!

BTW, this deck must be REALLY popular with guys named John. We have four John's in this GB. :)

Little bit of useless trivia. LOL

what is your paypal account
It's in the very first post in this thread.
i want to buy how can i contact you verbabally
It's in the very first post in this thread.
[email protected]
Tim (abusiveDAD): I have replied to your e-mail. For you, I can take credit card through my company. I'd still need to add the 3.65% though, because that's what they steal. Check your e-mail ASAP!!
OK guys, its official. The first Group Buy is closed. IF there's enough interest, I'll do a second buy in a week or three (but that's if there's an interest).

For this Group Buy, we had nine participants. For those nine, check your e-mail...your first status report has been sent. Money has been sent to Japan, and the wheel is now turning.

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