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Anyone running an Alpine H701 and DC Reference amps? I was going to wait for the MS8 or run the alpine H650, but I'm going back to manual tunning, and I've decided I can't give up Dolby 5.1 (plus I picked up an H701 for $200 and got two DC650.6, one from Newtitan and the other from Azngotskills! Thanks!).

I figure, I can get the peaks and dips out with the DC parametric EQs, and then do some overall shaping with the graphic EQ on the H701.

I'll do the parametric shaping with the Behringer ECM8000 using TrueRTA with 1/24 octave resolution. With the graphic EQs, I will probably use a subjective method with test tones (the left vs right method). I will run optic+Ainet back to the H701 to try to cut down on the amount of DAC conversion.

So, anyone running a setup like this?
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