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h701 questions

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Couple quick questions, can I the RUX C700 control on the 701 and vise versae, if not is the din cable that connects them at least the same. Also is it possible to repair the H700 brain or is it likely I will have to just grab a new one?
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Pretty sure you can use the h700 controller on a 701...only dif is the button color i think.
WHAT?.... ok.. I understand Canada uses a different version of English than the rest of the world... but WTF are you asking...

Are you asking is the 1st Gen C700, capable of controlling the H701 processor? &/or is the DIN cable for the H700/C700 combo the same as the H701/C701 combo....? it that what you want to know?

if so.... a little research would be a GREAT thing... go HERE:

type in the the model #'s, down load the manuals, do a little rummaging around & figure it out.... sorry... but since Alpine's website allows FREE downloads of owner's manuals (which just happen to include diagrams of the units... its pretty much a simple research thing....

I'm all about helping... but for the love of Zeus... the internet & SEARCH is your friend... do a little leg work....
They're are all compatible with each other.....the only difference is the lighting on the differences except for maybe some software patches on the H701 that may or not be a problem with all H700.

Did I beat that horse dead enough? PXA-H700.pdf PXA-H701.pdf

there... to prove I am not the "arrogant jack-ass" in my signature.. edit... the 700/controller was a package... mind fart... all links are above...

Glasman... nope... you're fine...

I just have a MAJOR pet peve of those who want easy answers instead of searching a 5-click certainty...

No refection on you....

Meh...its better than yet another "which sub gives me the best whomp whomp??" thread.
lol.... good call BTA

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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