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I’m nearing the completion of my IB speaker baffle and I was hoping to tap into the knowledge/experience base here regarding some ideas I have.

First off, with respect to my experience level, this will really be my first time covering anything with fabric. I’m a total rookie.

I have quite a bit of Black CCF sheeting which I bought from SDS before they closed and I was thinking of:

1) Covering the surface behind (and around) the speaker flange with CCF. Some of the CCF around the area will be visible. I’ll have 1/8” rabbeting surrounding the area so I’ll have spots to tuck the material and make clean (non-visible) cuts. The purpose of the CCF here would be to decouple the sub from the baffle and provide a small area of black contrast to the gray carpeting.

2) I’m also thinking of covering the entire rear surface of the IB baffle with CCF, then a layer of finishing carpet. Again, I’ll have 1/8” rabbeting to tuck and cut. The purpose of the CCF here would be to decouple the Baffle from the mating surfaces in the car.

Does anyone foresee any issues with this?

Any tips or tricks would also be greatly appreciated!
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