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HAT L841-3 specs

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I am looking at the Legatia speakers and am wondering if the RMS wattage's they list are true or conservative. I would like to run the L841-3 setup in front and am just trying to find a zapco amp setup that will work well.
Any ideas?
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I ran the 841-3 in my shelby off Audison power which is very conservative and put the following to each speaker:
L8 - 260w
L4 - 160w
L1 - 110w
If you put a good clean signal within the limitations of the drivers you can put a lot of power on them.
I've done both an L841-3 and an L831-3 with the same power of JL Audio Slash amps.

L1 and L1v2: 150 watts
L3 and L4: 150 watts
L8: 300 watts

Well those kind of power ratings are alot more like what I was expecting.. Now just to find an amp.. ;)
2 zuki 4 channels. bridge one for midbass. done.
i cant seem to find a whole lot of info on these zuki amps? Their site seems to be down also....
i cant seem to find a whole lot of info on these zuki amps? Their site seems to be down also....
When the site was up there was no info available except price. You'll have to e-mail him when it comes back up. Also, do some searches on here for power ratings, performance, etc.
Well I have been emailing Patrick at Zuki all night and it seems as though he knows what he is doing and doesnt care what other people think. If BigRed likes his amps then I think im going to be fine. I went through BigRed's install thread last night and it seems he has the same speakers so I should be fine..

My next problem...
I have an Eclipse 7200MKII deck and it has 3 pre-outs and the capability of doing a 3-way setup
My issue is how would I wire in a sub to this? Im planning on getting a Zapco DSP6 and run the symbilink cables to the back then im not really sure what I need from there. And how would I split 3 channels to 3 channels and a sub?
run the sub out to the sub amp. run your front rca's to the dsp6 and split your signal 3 way. put zero delay on your sub. just one mans suggestion :)
site is working fine

i cant seem to find a whole lot of info on these zuki amps? Their site seems to be down also....
Too much power is pretty much the right amount. ;)

IMO trying to match rated amp RMS power and speaker RMS ratings is foolish and a waste of time because both numbers are just that: numbers.

My memory is poor because I go through so much equipment, but IIRC I had 7 LP amps bridged down on the 841 set at one point. That would be 285w on the L8's and 95w on the L4 and L1's. That's rated power and LP's are known to come up short or are right on. Last amp I had on the L8's is was an Eclipse dual mono that some members here benched at 400w all day. Before that, my Xetec put out 415 worth of bench-verified testicles. Both of which were the bare minimum for my tastes and install and system goals.

Go for as much power as you can fit into the economic + install friendliness equation. Forget amplifier "SQ" because it's the dumbest thing ever. Ok, maybe not the dumbest but few things are more stupider. ;)
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