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Hate to do this..BNIB Clarion DRZ9255

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Well, the time has come. I bought a Clarion DRZ-9255 one year ago, and it still sits on top of my clothes dresser, unused. I have opened it to gawk at it, however it has never been powered up.

I also have the matching 6 disc changer, also BNIB, untouched.

I'll take offers on them both. I won't be seperating them, as I won't have a use for one without the other.

And don't lowball on this one.
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ok i wont lowball you
Damn!! We can't lowball on this.
no carter you cant!!! maybe we can do a time share to cut costs?!!
I lowballed...not too low, but I still feel bad. :eek:
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