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I am trying to improve a system in a Mercedes 560SEC.
Main goal is SQ, nice smooth midrange, etc. 80% of time @ moderate volume

Here is what is in the car now:

Head unit - Becker Mexico BE2340 w/ CD and Aux Input for Ipod
Becker 10 disc changer
Amp - Xtant 404m (40w x 4, 4 ohms)
Speakers: MB Quart QM's (old school) 6.5" comps in rear deck, 4" comps in dash
Infinity BassLink (with port) in trunk
Also have for this install: Xtant 2100b (50 x 2) and Soundstream D200ii (100 x 2)

There is a pair of unused 6.5" factory mid-woofers in the doors. Max depth is just under 2.9 inches.

Here is what I was thinking:

Keep the MBQ's in the front dash.

Purchase/install a good pair of mid-woofers for the doors. Deaden/layer the doors.

Remove the tweeters from the MBQ's in the rear deck, and then run those mid-woofers in mono via a bridged amp, with limited frequencies - for fill.

The BassLink (once I opened a port in the rear deck) gives a surprisingly good amount of low bass - at least for the volume/type of music that I listen to ...
Hopefully four well mid-woofers and BassLink will provide sufficient low end.

My questions are:

How to limit frequencies to the mid-woofers in the door and rear deck ? Via the amps x-overs, or with high pass / low pass filters ?

What would be the best usage of the amps that I have ? Bridged mono and run the mid-woofers in series ?

Or, rather than trying to add a mid woofer in the door, would it be better to just get a set of 3 way comps with x-overs to run in the dash / doors ?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I realize there are alot of variables. Thanks, sincerely ...
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