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Hello to all ,

I travelled alot inside the forum but couldnt find the same type of Q/A.

Ok. Instead of changing the headunit, I have been thinking to place a HDD Media Player , then connect the player to Audison processor "Bitone" with optical cable and run stereo signals through the cable.

After all processor will deliver signals to analog amps which will run a 4 way active setup.
I will run wav or flac format files which will be ripped from my Audio CD collection.

The question:
How will be the signal quality which will run through the toslink cables. Can we talk abt any quality loss of signal as it will be delivered digitally to bitone.

I am in between buying a real headunit ( i.e Clarion HX-D2 or Pioneer DEX-P9 combo) and buying the bitone + HDD player + HDD

Note : Currently I have a 2 way + sub active setup connected to OEM unit with UCS Pro.

The setup will have following other components:

Front Speakers: Audison TH 3 way active
Rear: Nothing
Sub: sealed box in the trunk TH10" ( unfortunately there is no space for subw at the front)
Amps : 3 X DLS A3 to drive fronts and 1 X DLS A6 to drive the subw

Thank you
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