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HdHomerun Prime HDHR3-CC

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80 shipped

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OK, guys. End of the week I finally ditch traditional cable for good. Going with PSVue. 50 for internet + 30 for vue = waaaay less than the 140 bucks I pay for cable currently, for the same channels. Win win.

I hate cable.

Anyway, this is a 3-tuner cable card tuner. It takes a cable feed from your service provider, and sends it out over your home network to any windows based pc, xbox360, or any other windows media receiver.

DVR/Recording is local to your PC, no more paying DVR service fees.

You can eliminate all your cable boxes. Nor more 10+ a month per cable box.

(buy a 360 for each TV for 50 bucks each, you break even in 5 months)

3 tuners, so you can record up to 3 things at once, while watching a 4th that was previously recorded.

I loved it, saved me some cash. However PSVue will save me even more.

And it's all about reducing my monthly outlay right now. (wife got hours cut, again - ugh)

This device never gave me an issue. Ever. Worked flawlessly since the day I got it.

As mentioned, my switchover is happening at the end of the week, so the device will ship early next week.

I tried to price at the median of ebay sales, but OBRO.


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