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long story short, I have to get a new deck, my 9965 is fried.

my question is this, in terms of SQ, will the Eclipse CD7200 mkII be superior to the Alpine DVA-9965???

original retail the 9965 is just over double the 7200. however the deck is marketed as a sq competition deck while also allowing for a full multimedia package. it plays dvds, its 5.1, built in hd tuner, etc.

they are both dead heads (no internal amplifier), but the 7200 boasts a 8volt preouts compared to the 9965's 4volt preouts. i have heard that eclipse overrates these, and although they are still great, they aren't quite what they make them out to be.

any one have experience!!!!!!!!!!?????

i am also looking into other decks similar to a drz-9255 etc. but for the moment, i am just looking for a comparison on these two decks.
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