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HAT l6 (fiberglassed door pods)
Seas H1212 (dash)

I'm looking for a headunit that is above your average kenwood, pioneer, and alpine headunits. Price I'm looking at is around 500 or so. My Kenwood x994 was a huge improvement over my pioner bt 6600 but I still have this "veil" that makes everything sound darker but any REALLY high quality song makes it better but I just need a new one since it is the weakest link in my car. I hope it is the headunit and not my install >_<.

What I want: clean looking face that is simple, usb port is a must. EX: Kenwood x995, the KIV and the Pioneer MVH p8300.

Note: Is it better to get a MS8 and just bypass my whole headunit DSP and be done with it?
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