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Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I have a question I cannot figure out and hope someone reading this can help. I have a helix dsp connected to 2 amps via remote out wires. The 1st- alpine pdx-v9 amp turns on when it’s supposed to and turns off when it’s supposed to. I am running a pair of 6.5’s, mids, and a subwoofer on it. The second amp, an alpine Kac-450 (pretty sure that’s the model) is a compact amp from alpine that turns on just fine but WILL NOT SHUT OFF. I turn the truck off and the pdx turns off and the blue light goes out etc but I put my ear up to the tweeters and I can still hear a slight hiss indicating the small alpine amp is not shutting off. That and the amp continues to stay warm. Rather that just letting the amp run my battery down I pulled the remote wire from the output of the helix (that went to the compact amp) and just wired the remote wire directly from the kenwood deck to the compact amp and everything turns on and off correctly. However, the tweeters make a turn on sound everytime that sounds like “psssst” and it’s kinda annoying and I’m not sure it’s good for the tweeters. When the remote out wires were both wired up to the helix, the dsp was shutting down after I turned the truck off as the light on the helix went out. The compact amp has no buttons for auto sense and does not have a light indicating it is on or off. I think it was designed for alpines shallow headunit, but does very well for tweeters and rear fill. Help solve this riddle and thanks in advance for reading this.
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