For sale all equipment is new.
Helix DSP Ultra-$1650-SOLD
Blam Relax R12 12” subwoofer (Single 2ohm) 300 watt-$150
PG RSD12D radial 12” subwoofer (Dual 4 ohm)-500watt-$150 NO original box
Hertz ML 1800.3 (Mille Legend 7” midbass)-$650
Hertz MP 28.3 (Mille Pro 1.1” tweeters)-$225

All prices above include PP goods and services fees.
I have a business account for my everyday business.
I’m not risking getting my account frozen, Friends and Family payments are NOT an option.

You pay for whatever shipping you chose or pick up.

Need more pics or have any questions feel free.