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there was a fire at the AKM plant.. so new versions with different chips must be produced. Anyways the Burr brown and AKM is splitting hairs... Both are excellent.

I personally own an Ultra but it was not because it had a higher sampling rate.. 44k is fine.. it plays up to 22khz.. i can only hear up to 15khz anyways.. it was purely because i thought 75watts was not enough power..

Now if you have speakers with decent sensitivity it is probably is fine.. especially because the helix amps clip very cleanly almost like a class A/B amp.. they dont get all nasty 20% away from the clip point... so you can use the full power.. and get a sensitive driver.. and be 100% OK.

I decided to get the Ultra so I have flexibility switching amps.. (with higher power than 75 watts) but its become a pain in the a$$... honestly my next car I will likely do a V12 and model speakers inside winisd to make sure i get ones that have high sensitivity.. Eton Core and Onyx will get to full tilt (reach xmax) on only 40w - my Scan Golds and GB60s needed about 70w before reaching xmax... due to a bit lower sensitivity..

There are many factors at play.. but the sampling rate and DAC chips would be at the bottom of my list of concerns, because with any Helix product.. they are great.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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