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Helix DSP Ultra

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From Audiotec's Facebook.

Key facts:
- 96 kHz / 32 Bit
- TwinDSP Power
- 8 lowlevel inputs
- 8 highlevel inputs
- ADEP.3 circuit
- Optical input
- Coaxial input
- HEC slot
- 12 analog outputs
- ACO platform
- Input Signal Analyzer (ISA)
- Virtual Channel Processing (VCM)
- DSP Sound Effects (SFX)
- High Resolution capable
- 10 memory locations for sound setups
and more

Coming end of 2019

Wounder if it will have an algorithm for upmixing a center channel?

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You will be happy when you get it. Are you also getting the director remote?
You will be happy when you get it. Are you also getting the director remote?
Ohhh Yeah!

I've also got a guy who makes custom 3D printing stuff for Land Cruiser guys. He's an Engineering grad student who's a Land Cruiser wacko like some of us are. I just got some goodies from him made and some parts repaired. I'm going to get him to mock up a panel replacement that will house the Director. I also found some second hand A Pillars to hack up that he may make me some custom mounts if I can't figure out how to deal with my doors. After reading Andy's post about A pillars I'm re analyzing my doors.

Thanx for your help BTW!
how many Extension cards can be added to these at one time? And is there a "general" preference between the WiFi Controller and the Director?
noticeable difference. Mullings also uses optical and, among others, has noticed a nice difference.
I asked a couple people who I saw upgraded to the Ultra who said no real difference, so I settled for the DSP.3. Hearing you say this now makes me regret.

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Here are some pillars for a denali
Good to see another Denali SQ guy around.

old dashpod setup
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141 - 146 of 146 Posts
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