These waited couple of months brand new for a install which is not going to happen now so these are for sale.

1)BNIB Helix M FOUR DSP amplifier
4x100 watts amplifier + 10 channel dsp output.

Price: 700$shipped +paypal fees

2) BNIB Ground Zero GZNT 22SQ
BNIB Ground Zero GZRM 80SQ
Quite a good sounding combo, these silk domes are a joy to listen and compliment very well with midranges.
Should sell as a combo.
Price: 500$shipped +paypal fees

3) BNIB Ground Zero GZUW 10SQX
Klippel optimized, these sound as good as for their price. I would say very musical subs but if you want to impress neighbors these are not for you ;)
Should sell both subs together

Price: 600$ shipped +paypal fees for both subs.