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Product Brand & Model:

The Corolla is no more, parting out and moving on with my life. Link to build in my signature to prove that they are mine.

1)Helix P-DSP
2)Seas H1395 1" Silk Dome Tweeter
3)Scanspeak 10f 8 ohm 4" Mid
4)Scanspeak 22w 4 ohm 8" Woofer

Condition of all items:

1)Used in box, almost perfect cosmetically, perfect functionally.
2)Torn up a little on the back side from press fit into the pods I built but front is good.
3)Good, back has some glue that could be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol.
4)BNIB, one has fingerprints and a small chip out of the magnet from me fitting it in my car.

Total Price: :

1)$250 shipped
2)$50 shipped
3)$100 shipped
4)$140 shipped

Discount for buying multiple items.

Shipping Terms: :


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how much do you want for the speakers, all of them, and do you have the crossovers for them.
I don't know to much about Helix equipment. I just bought a helix A2 competition amp.
anyway, I have been doing a lot of amp repairs lately, and my junk JVC test speakers are irritating me ,so I have decided to build a set of boxes and need some good speakers.
Please give me a call at 714 907-6318


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Looks like the Scan 10f's are 8-ohm, not 4-ohm. Too bad, I would've been on them. GLWS.
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