Some of the extra stuff i have for sale. Most of the stuff is brand new.
Product Brand & Model:
1) BNIB Ground Zero GZ DSP 4-8XII
2) BNIB Helix S1T tweeters
3) BNIB Rainbow Germanium GLt26 tweetera
4)BNIB MOSCONI Aerospace 20 tweeters
5) BNIB Ground Zero Tweeters GZRT 25SQ
7) BNIB MOSCONI Amas-ld4c bluetooth streamer
8) Brax MR3 grills for midrange
9) BNIB Audison Connection SFH11 WP Oguage fuse holder water proof.
10) Audison Voce AVX6. 5 2 way coaxials
11) BNIB JL Audio XB-BTU.... Positive or Negative battery Terminal

1) Brand new budget Ground Zero DSP. Software is easy to use and have majority of features of expensive dsps.
2) Brand new Helix S1T tweeters pair... Good sound for the budget price. I have 2 pairs
3)Brand new Rainbow Germanium GL-T26 tweeters. If you are a fan of silk dome then this will not disappoint, love the way they sound. These are discontinued though. 2 pairs available.
4) Brand new Aerospace 20 tweeters. They always shine, small format in a 3way setup.
5) Brand new GZ SQ 25mm silk dome tweeters. Good overall sound. Yes i used to have a set of these.
6) Brand new Mosconi RCD full size.
7) Brand new Mosconi ldac Bluetooth audio streamer. This thing is quite handy, can be powered via mini usb, optical out to dsp. Streaming quality is great and never loses connection. I do have one in use with stoch HU.
8) Brand new MR3 stainless steel grills for Brax midrange. (if someone need grills for Brax midbass then i have a used set available)
9) Brand new Audison Connection fuseblock
10) Audison Coaxials AVX 6.5....brand new but got damaged somehow, one coax is broken where tweeter attaches to mid, one can glue it to fix or separate tweeters and midbass to use them as components. I am sure they works, trying to get some funds back.
11) JL Audio battery terminaal XB-BTU

1) 325$
2) 140$/pair
3) 225$/pair
4) 330$
5) 140$
6) 240$
7) 250$
8) 150$
9) 30$
10) 100$
11) 30$

Shipping will be on top, one can calculate from zip 11214.
No hurry to sell since low ballers stay away.
I have been bit twice recently so only accepting paypal fnf and all sales are final, Items will be sent insured with signature required and buyer will have a week time to test the item. Most of the used items i sell are tested in my own ride for a week. I do a good packaging so items reach safely without any damage.